Musicology is the in depth research based and intellectual scrutinized study of music. Basically, musicology is often assigned to the faculty of humanities even though research in music is more scientifically focused and connected with neurology, sociology, computations, psychology and acoustics. A musicologist is one who engages in music research and studies.

Musicological Branches, Terms & Definitions

The three main branches in traditional musicology include systematic musicology, ethnomusicology and historical musicology.

Systematic musicology: consists of Pedagogy, Music Theory and Aesthetics, the technology and science of musical instruments, computations and music philosophy, the consequence of music physiology, music sociology and musical acoustics. 

Ethnomusicology: The study of music in its developmental context.

Cognitive musicology:  The set of phantasm circling the cognitive music modeling.

Computational musicology: Steps in when the use of computers are being employed by musicologists for ease of research.

Music Therapy: Applied musicology in a narrowed form often associated with health professions or a whole part of musicology in other instances.

Historical musicology: This branch of musicology deals with reception, composition, performance and criticism of music over time.

List of Institutions That Offer Musicology in New Zealand:

  • School of Music – National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, University of Auckland (Auckland)

Courses include:

  • Arranging (Postgraduate)
  • Classical Performance (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)
  • Ethnomusicology (Postgraduate)
  • Instrumental/Vocal Composition (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)
  • Jazz Performance (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)
  • Music (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)
  • Musicology (Postgraduate)
  • Department of Music, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Waikato (Hamilton)

Music can Be Studied in These Qualifications:

  • Graduate Diploma
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Postgraduate Diploma
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Diploma
  • Certificate
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Music
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Nelson School of Music

Courses Offered Include:

  • Classical Guitar – Kids Affordable Group Class (Classical Guitar, Guitar)
  • Composition – Affordable Group Class (Composition)
  • Contemporary Guitar – Free Beginner Class (Guitar)
  • Contemporary Guitar – Adult Affordable Group Class (Contempoarry Guitar, Guitar)
  • Drums – Adult Affordable Group Class (Drums)
  • Flute – Free Beginner Class (Flute)
  • Flute Ensemble – Affordable Group Class (Flute)
  • Clarinet – Adult Affordable Group Class (Clarinet)
  • Clarinet – Free Beginner Class (Clarinet, Woodwind)
  • Cello – Free Beginner Class (Cello)
  • Cello – Affordable Group Class (Cello)
  • School of Music, College of Arts, University of Canterbury (Christchurch)

Courses Offered Include:

  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Digital music
  • Ethno-musicology
  • Music history and research
  • Musicianship and music education
  • World Music
  • Jazz/Popular Music Performance
  • Music Theatre Performance
  • Traditional Instrument Performance
  • Sound Engineering


  • School of Music, Languages and Communication; Faculty of Health, Humanities and Science; Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology(Christchurch)



Courses Offered Include:

  • Early Music
  • Performance
  • Ethnomusicology
  • World Music
  • Instrument Collections
  • Jazz/Popular Music Performance
  • Music Theatre Performance
  • Music Therapy
  • Opera Performance
  • Orchestral Conducting
  • University Of Auckland, Auckland National Institute Of Creative Arts And Industries, School Of Music

Courses Offered Include:

  • Early Music Performance
  • Ethnomusicology/World Music
  • Jazz/Popular Music Performance
  • Sound Engineering
  • Orchestral Conducting
  • Choral Conducting


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